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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  October 4, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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is where we find jeanine della vega with details of what happened, good morning jeanine. >> homicide detectives are here -- detectives are here, we are here on dover avenue apple are saying people who live here were having some sort of family gathering. a man in his mid-20s was standing outside when an unknown subject was there he struck the man and he died at the accept. >> they are sifting through the details and we will open our witness center if we do find witnesses and we will interview them down at the police
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department. >> suddenly they found a male victim on the sidewalk, he was taken to a local hospital where he died. no suspects are in either of the cases and we are being told by police they are not connected at all. at least in this case it appears to be investigated and they tell us they will be here processing this team for the next few hours. jeanine della graying go. >> the incident at the maintenance facility delayed trains during rush hour yesterday afternoon. police say the man had been lying on the tracks and became aggressive when san mateo sheriff's deputies approached. he began picking thing up off the grounds possibly to use his
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whop response. >> he began using a metal spike. >> he reportedly showed threatening behavior. police say he is 29 years old and his injuries are not life- threatening. they are not saying whether he was mentally ill or under the influence of drugs. they are heading to battleground states, many say it was good night as he traded jazz on jobs on healthcare and taxes. governor romney has a perspective, if we cut taxes skew towards the wealthy, we would be bare off. >> i don't want to cost jobs, my priority is jobs so i bring
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down the rates. >> aggressive romney talks about what he will cut. >> i will eliminate all programs by this test. is the program so critical it is worth -- >> governor mitt romney is going to have a busy first day because he is going to repeal obama care among democrats as you can sitting down with them. >> and the next presidential debate is on october 16th in new york. >> time now 4:33, people gathered at debate watch parties and over flow crowds showed up in san jose and among those, political science professors. i think mitt romney did a great
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job, obama looked a little off his game. i think mitt romney did a better job tonight. >> i think the winner is the president because he is the president and his opponent has to be able to say why he should be better than the incumbent and i don't think that was necessarily done tonight. >> and a debate feels 6 5% feels mitt romney won compared to 2 5% for the president. and 48% for mitt romney, compared to 2 5% for the president. and fact statements you will find that on our website they will replace the death penalty with life in prison
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without parole. here are the -- here is the news about that. and there is a dispute that happened in the city of glenn cove neighborhood. ktvu channel 2 morning news wopping wong joins us with more about the man accused of opening fire on neighbors. >> he said the sister martin he is a former marine and you can see the marine flag flying out in front of his home. the home of the toe people he shot was vallejo. i want to show you video as the coroner took the two victims from the scene. they are 50 and 58 years old.
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police say they walked with a gunshot the two victims and witnesses reported hearing 6 to 8 shots. police responded to the scene and said they led them to a 45 minute standoff. it did end peacefully with him being taken to a police car. we talked to one person who was shocked by the events. >> this is a quiet neighborhood. and from these guys, i mean they are very good friends from what i see and the guys always help around the neighborhood cleaning yards, help picking up garbage. >> do you know martin well? >> i see him, he comes around here, we chat, that is about it. >> do you think hip. >> was there anything going on
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between the two? >> not each, no. >> reporter: now we learned he was apparently in the regard reasons and the big question is what what ily up to that gun fire. ktvu channel 2 morning news. today plaintiffs in the rider case are asking them to take over the defendant for failing is interest troubled by their response to city hall last summer and they say there were not enough officers to handle what happened. they are looking into what caused the truck to roll over
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just north of jackson street. two people were trapped when emergency responders a arrived. >> the two people in the truck complained of paint and required medical attention. the storybook season of the oakland days has at least nor chapter. at a sold out gaming, the team beat them 10-5 and the victory on the final day of the season caps one of the greatest come backs in history. at one time a's trailed them by 13 games. >> this is installed inside of us. he never gives up. >> we are just so happy to be
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in the playoffs. >> and we have some happy people there to think some champion t-shirts were sold out in minutes and they are resting up to take on the detroit tigers in the first game of the divisional playoffs. let's check in with sal for a look at this morning. >> it was good to see the stadium jam packed. >> i heard people paid a lot for bleacher seats. >> if you are trying to get to your job early now is a good time to do it and it looks good am could being in from really oh, it is light. and they said what time does it really kind of bog down and my
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answer is 615 so if you get there any time before that you will not have to be waiting too long. this is a long at northbound and 280. 4:39 let go to steve. >> very quiet, warm, what a difference a day makes or night. it is sold out on the coast and we have had gusts at 30 miles per hour at travis. bigging fog -- big fog bank, they were 101 two days ago and it started moving up the coast fog is back, 50s and 60s and clouds are making their way to
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concord and that along with that southwest there southwest at napa, we are done, sold out. look at high pressure way up there, a little low is being drawn towards us and will be over the weaken. temperatures by the -- weekend. temperatures by the coast and bay, windy at times cooler for hallway out to the back 40. 70s inland very low 80s for some. now the figure will get kissed up by a few peep believe it or not. time now we have new
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details about the raid that killed osama bin laden. the reason obama actually wanted to keep him alive. and the lawsuit being filed by sex offenders, what they want to be able to do on the sun noel grade. i will tell you more about the morning commute, don't go away.
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. leaders in turkey have no plans for the ongoing attack, and the aid to the turkish prime minister said it was in stops to an attack that killed
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five p they are authorizing military actions against its neighbor and they say it should all be seen as a warning against them. they wanted to put a warning on them if he survived. he would have given osama bin laden full rights and tried him for the master minded attacks. republicans say it is an attitude of the current administration. they are giving claims that the anti-interest created a hostile environment for jewish students at uc berkeley. there were charges filed by two reason graduates. apart tied encouraged antisemitic hate speeches and
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they say they are protected. they are pulling together to reunite a 10-year-old girl with a stolen puppy. the little puppy was taken on monday and thieves also stole jewelry from the home. the police and firemen along with councilmen raised a $6,000 reward for the safe return. the little girl is offering the contents of her piggy bank to that reward pool. and they are abolishing proposition 34 next month. if that happens, the death sentences of 725 men and women would be commuted to life without the possibility of parole. now a former ward end at san clinton would save the death penalty at $100 million a year. >> it is about savings an
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accountability and justice. >> i think proposition 34 is misguided. it should not pass. san mateo district attorney said he should not have a death penalty and the recovery of victims bodies. 17 states have abolished the death penalty. >> they are fighting to allow sex offenders to decorate. they are one of several communities to ban from outdoor decorations on halloween. they are required to place a sign on the door saying no candy or treats will be offered. they are talking about civil rights violations and most parents desk a go. >> i think the kids should not even be around them. >> so far the law is the first
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one to be challenged in court. nurses at the memorial hospital will have a two day strike in the next few minutes and they will continue to walk the picket line. they hired sever nurses to replace the nurses who walked off the job tuesday morning. they will be allowed to return to work when the urgent care centers in windsor park will reopen. there are several reports that the newest and smallest ipad is in production. the ipad minuting is in production. the manipulate any screen will be smaller than 8 inches and it is expected to cost $500. other tablets cost $200. it always will be free. now they are testing a program
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to draw posts on that you are programs. the program is ruled out and is gradually introduce in 20 other countries, the common charges of $4 -- $44. >> we are not looking at the list, this is the time you want to get ahead of the crowd and now is a good time to do it. you can see traffic continues to look goods around the bay area. there is not much going on which is good. if you are driving into the city, no major road work and traffic is moving in both directions. it is 4:50.
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santa cruz took the brunt of the drop, once he moved it started working its way up the coast, we still had some 90s but everything took a little drop everyone is really close. west 12, southwest at 10, everything is in place for a big cool down. high pressure is way out in the gulf of a las is a -- alaska but inland temperatures will drop and the fog is very solid so the coasts are back in and went from 100s and 90s and we will go into a lost upper 70s. cooler for all, well out into the sacramento valley they will
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cool down temperatures 60s and 70s for most. cooling continues and the low starts to get chewed up and at the same time we have a few light showers by monday tuesday, pam. suspended from the force. the disturbing actions of a police officer that may cost him his job. and just hours after yesterday's big win... @p@po'
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. welcome back, a high ranking police officer was caught punching a woman and will likely loose his job. he was recorded striking a woman, after the puerto rico day parade. they suspended him for 30 days with the intent to dismiss. he is the 6th officer in high rankings accused of bad conduct. he flew to his home for the birth of his son but a day later, the baby died. she she said there is -- she said there is no cause of death
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and is having trouble understanding what happened. he said please pray for my baby, my wife and i lost our son with no medical reason. he was previously served as bishop of oakland and he is a backer of same sex marriage ban. they will protest outside the church. right now, 455, any problems, sal? >> nothing else, pam, we are still doing well around the bay area and as a matter of fact it should be a nice drive nor you this traffic looks good with no
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major delays. also the traffic in both directions are moving along well. >> northbound 101 is off to a good start, let's go to steve. a big fog bank is out there and it will be significantly cooler and the fog bank started yesterday, took it's time, once it started working its way off the coast, most of the coastal locations will be working its way down. they will come you way down and temperatures are in the 50s with the west wind in place, it is 30 miles per hour out of the delta. everything is moving towards us and as it does it will increase the fog and give us that westerly breeze. the heatwave is over and it is cooler across the board. upper 70s or very low 80s and the cooling continues. it will go from 100s to 70s to
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60s for some. we have a few isolated showers coming up next week. president barack obama and mitt romney square off for their first debate. why the organized pole should have one candidate smiling. fleet week officially begins today and we will be right back.
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. solyndra, and aid friend who said you don't just pick the winers and losers, you pick the losers. overnight polls in the first debate against president barack obama. the blue angels officially kickoff fleet week, it is all ahead on the ktvu channel 2 morning news. complete bay area


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